IVA Caviar & Fine Food is a company that has been supplying different kinds of high end caviar since 2016.This caviar is being cultivated in multiple countries throughout the world. It varies from cultivated caviar in specially designed farming basins to semi wild caviar that is being cultivated around the rivers and seas of their origin. Using this method, the sturgeons can complete the biological process in a natural way.

IVA Caviar & Fine Food has been born out of passion for exclusive luxury foods. The product range offers a wide selection of products, from fresh Iranian caviar to fresh Italian truffles. There’s also a number of products available on demand, such as Foi-grass,saffron, vanilla and a number of oils.


IVA Caviar & Fine Food works closely with the best and most exclusive farmers in the world. Through periodical visits, the procedures and processes are inspected in order to make sure that they live up to the high quality and hygiene standards for our products. All the sturgeons are inspected thoroughly by experts before being processed. By implementing multiple checkpoints in different parts of the production process, we can guarantuee the quality of our products.


Caviar, often rightfully described as ‘the black gold’, is one of the most exclusive culinary products in the world. Since 2009, it has been prohibited to catch wild caviar in order top reserve the species.

Due to this development, there has been a significant increase in the amount of cultivated caviar.To keep IVA Caviar & Fine Food as exclusive and unique as possible, we provide a varied product range, consisting of both cultivated and semi wild caviar. The semi wild caviar of IVA Caviar & Fine Food is cultivated along the Caspian Sea and the Amur River, which provides an authentic taste. The strict selection criteria keep a constant eye on the quality of our products and production processes.